Where did you grow up, and where do you currently live?

I grew up in Colorado, went to school in Boulder, then lived in South Florida for about 10 years. I relocated to Costa Mesa almost 2 years ago, it feels like home.

What certifications do you have? Who have you studied with?

What certifications do you have? Who have you studied with? I completed my 200 hour with LifePower, and 500 hour with 15 brilliant instructors at Ananda Seva in Santa Rosa. It is an intensive Yoga Therapy program, with continuing study; my focus is on somatic experiencing. I recently studied with Nicolette David and will continue to be inspired by her, along with many truly gifted teachers on the Grit schedule!

Describe your first yoga experience. How did you evolve into becoming a teacher?

My first yoga experience was boring; I valued fitness and didn’t have time for yoga. Yet they say ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’ and mine was Jill Karlin in Palm Beach. I was not only in awe of what she could do with her body in a bikini at 60 something years old, it was her spirit that convinced me to I want what she had. My lifestyle began to shift along a yogic path, leading from one training, to the next, naturally evolving into teaching. Yoga has helped me overcome obstacles, achieve goals, be part of a community and find a little bliss.

What is your favorite way to self-indulge?

I love a spa day, I mean all day!