VINYASA means to ‘place with intention.’ This practice links breath with movement in a flowing sequence. Designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, endurance and establish mind, body connection for overall well-being.

Levels 1-2. 60 min. 80°

VINYASA 2.0 This vigorous style of Vinyasa is designed for yogis ready to deepen their practice with attention to specific alignment details and challenge their edge with creative sequences, inversions and arm balances.

Level 2. 75 min. 80°

VINYASA 2.1 This is our Vinyasa 2.0 class with an extra 15 minutes.

Level 2. 90 min. 80°

IYENGAR Based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, this style focuses on classic postures with a deep awareness of correct alignment and precise actions in the body. Appropriate for anyone regardless of age, degree of health or perceived limitations, while advanced students will also benefit from this refined practice.

All levels. 75 min. 75°

HEATED FLOW Fun, high energy flow. Increase stamina, build strength and specifically target core muscles with the detoxifying benefits of practice in a heated room. This total body work-out will improve your performance in other athletics and overall well-being.

All levels. 60 min. 90°

YOGA TUNE UP® Break through stagnant and habitual patterns with dynamic stretches and unconventional asanas. Each class culminates with therapeutic self-massage techniques that release overburdened muscles and encourage deep mind-body relaxation.

All levels. 60 min. 75°

SCULPT/PILATES This workout will firm, tone and build strength to advance your yoga practice--or just look good naked. Effectively target your core and isolate small muscle groups in a variety of techniques taught by experts specifically trained in Pilates and other Sculpt methods.

All levels. 60 min. 75°

POWER SCULPT Motivated to push your edge and challenge your physical and mental stamina. Hardcore workout will firm and tone strong beautiful bodies.

All levels. 60 min. 75°

RESTORATIVE De-stress and practice self-care with supported postures increase circulation to the organs and calm the entire body. Pranayama breathing techniques may be used to bring synergy to the central nervous system, revitalize and re-balance. Guided meditation may gently revitalize and reconnect within.

All levels. 60 min. 75°

YOGA 101 Feel comfortable and confident incorporating yoga into your
lifestyle. Teacher will clearly explain basic poses, breathing techniques, and how yoga can benefit your body. No yoga experience required, everyone is welcome.

Level 1. 60 min. 75°

YOGA FOR RECOVERY Yoga brings the body back to balance with proven benefits to aid in healing the addicted brain and body. This class is fun and safe for
all levels interested in harnessing the power of yoga to support their path of sobriety.

All levels. 60 min. 75°

YOGA THERAPY Tap into the therapeutic benefits of yoga, without perceived physical limitations. We will use the assistance of chairs, props and detailed instruction to lubricate stiff joints and stretch tight muscles from head to toe. Especially welcome are those with arthritis, diabetes, heart condition or doctors' recommendation.

All levels. 60 min. 75°

KARMA Everyone is welcome to this donation-based class with the proceeds going towards a specific charity. The Karma class rotates to different types, instructors and time slots. Invite friends, try new classes, have fun and give back!